Bridal Spring 2018: Let’s Push the vocabulary of Romanticism further

A princess-like gown is something on the top of most brides’ checklist. As a wedding gown conservative, if you tell me to try something more avant-garde or something more laid-back, a bridal-inspired jumpsuit, for example, I will shake my head and quote Monique Lhuillier:

When I was a bride, I wanted to stand out and wear something that felt right for that celebration, not worry about whether it was a fashionable choice or in line with the trends.

It is not the first attempt that the designers are trying to promote a new color or another edgier form of ensembles. But the bridal market shows that it is more of a celebration within the small group of the fashion industry and most brides are not actually buying into that. When style experts were praising the jumpsuit that Solange Knowles wore on her wedding in 2014 as rule-changing and really “shaking things up’, many people remain skeptical about the idea of having a “trend” thing in bridal fashion. Can a gown that worrys too much about innovation and fashion statement deliver the moment of transformation which is all a bride would want for a wedding dress?

Bridal Spring 2018 says yes. This time, the designers are not asking you to abandon the pursuit of being romantic, but reinventing the idea of romanticism.

Vera Wang: Unruliness in the Mood of punk rock, and Deconstructed design in the spirit of Romance

The Fashion-forward aesthetic is the signature of Vera Wang’s bridal gowns. Even though, Spring 2018 is a bold collection that you are seeing less of traditional feminine elements: constrained use of laces, limited employment of ruffles, zero pearl and crystal decorations. The queen of bridal design said she wants to challenge the typical take on what romance should be like, and not to just focus on the red-hot mermaid hems.

Courtesy of Vogue
Courtesy of Vogue
Courtesy of Vogue

From the hairstyle to the makeup of the model, from the smoking setting to the gowns, this collection undoubtedly speaks to high-fashion and offers alternatives for open-minded brides.

Elongated sleeves and the asymmetry designs are the drama of this collection. Where is the romance? It is the free spirit kind of romance that belongs to a woman who has a sense of cute madness and a bit of whimsy.



But just from a practical point of view, the sleeves don’t seem easy to wear on.


Take a full look of the collection in Youtube

Carolina Herrera: Bows, and an architectural kind of Romanticism for modern brides

For the designer of Carolina Herrera, her philosophy is that a bridal gown is not necessarily to be seductive, but it has to be romantic and feminine enough for the bride to dream. Compared to Vera Wang’s collection, Carolina Herrera is more conventional. But a new interpretation of romance is in the heart of this collection.

Courtesy of Vogue

Instead of the delicate, dreamy effect, the beauty of this collection is the polished cuts and the placement of components. The oversized playful bows are the highlight of this collection. The soft and the delicate solid are balanced. The well-bred gowns convey a relaxed formality. This modern understanding of romance is for a mature woman with classy style.

Courtesy of Vogue
Courtesy of Vogue
Courtesy of Vogue
Courtesy of Vogue

This is one of my favorite. There is something really attractive with this fully covered-up gown. Perhaps it is the modern dancer vibe in it.

Courtesy of Vogue

And this easy-breezy one is a good option for brides who have the budget for a cake cutting dress.

Courtesy of Vogue

Taking #SpringBridal18 for a spin. #CarolinaHerreraBride #WeddingWednesday

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Marchesa: Add a little bit of black, and give a cool twist to your dreamiest gown

You don’t need much of fashion consciousness to love a Marchesa gown. Delicate details in soft, airy hues are always the quintessence of Marchesa’s assortments. And it wins all girls’ hearts. Still, you can find more than just the floral-related romance in this collection.

Courtesy of Vogue



Despite the fact that the designers owed their inspiration to the English rose garden at Mottisfont, what pops up are the black ribbons seen everywhere in the collection, from the black velvet belt to the earrings, ribbons and the hair bow. 

black details

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Being romantic does not have to be about laces, flower appliqués, sweetheart neckline and tulles ——or, it doesn’t have to be just about them. You can add some black details to toughen it up a bit and give your ensembles more aftertastes.

At the end of the day, the most important thing of choosing a wedding gown is to see if the style of the designer agrees with your personality or not. It doesn’t mean you are old-fashioned if you are still obsessed with a princess-like gown. But in the age of when even Disney has stopped selling the “sit still and look pretty” princess in their movie, a more diverse understanding of romanticism is desired for the girl growing up watching Princess Elsa.



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