Be Girlish this Spring

Say hello to Spring and put away your bomber jacket, ripped jeans and rock-n-roll boots! It is the unofficial season to indulge the girly-girl in you. We can be in any roles——a working woman with an independent mind, a spicy chick with the sexiest body shape, an elegant lady with sophisticated taste, or a tough girl with a rebellious attitude——but when it comes to spring and the cherry blossoms, why not just be a girl?

If you are not feeling so, spray some citrus scented perfumes to wake the bright and bubbly you, sweep some peachy blush on the apples of the cheeks to bring out your sweetest smile, and most importantly, please, please consider to add some color to your spring wardrobe to prepare you the mood for romance!

The most notable spring trends of 2017 are certainly the statement ruffles and stripes patterns. But something more fundamental is that the favor of minimalist style is silently going away. The black and white palette (the signature of designers like Jil Sander and Alexander Wang) had its moment. Now, according to Coach, and many other brands, it is about the smart use of color and the rightly employment of print and pattern!

1Introducing your new favorite spring dress! It is impossible not to feel lovely in this vintage-inspired pink dress with detailed print. The magical pale dogwood colored print wipes out the winter dullness and brightens your skin. Layering with a boyfriend denim jacket, this cute piece communicates a cozy rosy spring vibe.


The knee-length cut without flare at the hemline, the understated straight ruffle collar with a small key hole, and the delicate ruffles around the shoulders are definitely speaking to the new trends. It’s just flattering and chic!

Get the look:
Prints and ruffles dress from Maison Jules. $79.50 (exclusive at Macy’s)
Oversized denim jacket [25 years wash] from free people. $128.00

2.pngAn airy, soft blouse with playful polka dots is a must-have. Paired with a wear-everywhere white shorts, it is the perfect off-duty look that you need for weekend adventure.


No excessive jewelry needed, your sun kissed skin is more than enough!

Get the look:
Foulard blouse from Tommy Hilfiger. $79.50
White shorts form Levi’s. $59.00.

3“Take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate” ——Greenery is the color of the year. So, enlist the help of a pair of refreshing floral printed jogger pants to complete the modern spring look! Balanced with a mysterious black tank, it is the ultimate realistic approach to get the comfy yet stylish downtown edge. Choose a bold, statement print this season. You can’t go wrong.


Get the look:
Izzy Printed Jogger pants form GUESS. $62.30
Black tank top from bar III. $59.50


Check out the story behind the scene!


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