Hunt For New Trends in the Early Spring, SoHo

Daylight saving time has marked the arrival of spring, but New York is still haunted by the snow storm. The wind is blowing and people fold their arms. Furs, trench coats, wrap coats and leather jackets dominate the street, covering the New Yorkers’ eagerness for the emerging new trends.


Here is SoHo. Fashionistas are walking by. The floral, romantic spring and the sunny, sexy summer are right ahead. It is zesty. The mood of preparing for something new is sneaking around the corner. It is always nice to welcome the change of season with in-style outfits! So what is the upcoming go-to outfit? Camera held in my hand, I am hunting for something to refresh me within the crowd of black and gray winter overcoats.

Oversized coats paired with leggings still the most popular cliché on the street…

Regardless of what coats people wear, denim, fur, leather or cashmere, what catches your eyes on the street are still the oversized coats. It has been popular for a while so even non-fashionistas have somehow adopted this oversized style. But it doesn’t stop fashionistas continuing to craze for the cozy and effortless vibe of the oversized style.


Having large pieces cuddling around the body feels warm and protective. This feature of oversized coast does you a huge favor in the winter——you can easily stuff your loose hoodies or figure-flattering sweater in it as you want.


Leggings and skinny pants are the perfect match to balance the puffy top. The little trick is to show your ankles. It brings the overall look a sense of neatness and vibrance.

Although ankle pants or ripped jeans looks stylish, and you don’t want to give up on them and ruin the whole look, honestly, it is freezing outside. 50 mph wind is no joke. A better solution to avoid sacrificing yourself to the cold for fashion? Maybe a pair of chunky, cozy socks?

Well… …


A picture says a thousand words: skinny pants may not look good with socks.

So, want to make a fashion statement? Go for Wide-Leg Pants!

While skinny ankle jeans haven’t outdated, they have become regular daily outfits rather than a statement.  The new go-to pants for fashion-forward people are the wide-leg and boot-cut. There are also more variations of designs with wide-leg pants: stripe pattern, bright color and innovative blend of fabric.


To look leggier in wide-leg pants, the trick is to choose the high-waisted ones with the hems cropped right above the ankles. You can also wear fancy socks to stay warm yet fashionable. The bonus here is that with wide-leg pants, you won’t look heavily padded.

Speaking of which, fishnet socks as a trend are emerging this season. Fishnet is not just over all the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Fall 2017; we have seen many fashionable people wearing a pair of fishnet inside their ripped jeans on Instagram and on the street. This reinvention of fishnet is actually a very applicable to many styles. Case in point, as I notice on the street, people devoted to minimalist styles can borrow this very sexual element to balance their natural sporty style.


The reason why wide-leg pants are going to be trendy is that they bring a touch of briskness in the motion. Even the dullest color looks more lively. There are many ways you can play with wide-leg pants: you can wear silk pants with a blazer, you can wear leather pants with the same color leggings inside, or tights of any other fabric, you can wear your statement mid-calf boots inside.



Besides the magical wide-leg pants which make you look cool and relax,  another jeans style is also popping up: uneven denim hem! You can’t be unfamiliar with the design, which is one in the series of the off-shoulder shirt styling and off-shoulder coats styling trend, and asymmetrical dresses.

And don’t forget the embroidered boyfriend jeans. Most of the embroidery is unique to each pair of pants. A pair of denim jeans with delicate, sophisticated embroidery is definitely worth the investment.

Fashionistas are really expressing their fashion statements through pants recently. Our most common daily outfits— jeans— are having more and more fancy designs and details. From the cut of jeans, the dramatic hems, the embroidery and pearl decor, to different colored patches and the creative ways to wear them, like jeans with fishnet and the exaggerated denim cuff), we have a lot more reason to look at them.

Next level flares. #liketkit

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As you might notice, Loafers are the new Stan Smith…

Last season, Stan Smith went virus, bringing a fever for white sneakers.Everybody is wearing a pair of Stan Smith and you can take this literally. Many luxury brands follow right after this fever and promote their own designer white sneakers.

Now it is the loafers. Especially with Gucci’s fur-lined slippers, loafers are coming back.

Feeling gorgey in this weather.

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Loafers were considered as stiff and old-school for a while. Inspired by the fur-lined slippers, people found the casual luxury look in loafers. It is crisp but not too formal. It is relaxing but not sloppy. It makes many people favor them while wearing a puffy loose coat.

White sneakers haven’t gone out of style yet!

But don’t throw away your white sneakers yet. They are stills in.

The best thing about a simple pair of white sneakers is that it avoids anything “do-over” and offsets the “dressed to kill” vibe of formal dresses, aka, the ultimate solution for off-duty, effortless looks. You can dress up as well as be the girls next door. All you need is a pair of white sneakers!

It's Chanel baby @chanelofficial #TheBlondeSaladGoesToParis

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Next stop Milan 👸🏼 #ItalianDays #TheBlondeSaladNeverStops

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