Top Trends on NYFW17 Fall

“Trends is a dirty word.” This is probably one of the reasons why people love Anna Wintour —- she speaks for the unspoken. Trends have a list of bad denotations: that everybody dress so similar, that you don’t have your own style, that you are a follower, that you don’t quite have a personality.


It is no news that “trends” are disappearing on the runway. Instead, there is a sense of personality and diversity developing.

This trend continues to grow this season. We saw a lot of classic pieces come back to the runway. The highlight of NYFW17 is how designers reinvent the classic, especially the 70s’.


The Most Popular Fabric: Velvet

The Love of velvet in 2016 hasn’t gone yet. Instead, velvet has been adopted into more diverse use of designs such as formal dress,pantsuits, cool T-short, heel,  and decorations.

The Most Popular Shoulder Design: Ruffles



Ruffles around the shoulders are a combination of feminine element and dominant message.


Stripes, Floral, Animals Patterns: How to Make this  Classic New Again

Strips, floral and animals patterns have always been the most often used.


Oversize Pantsuits and Blazers are Everywhere


Victoria Beckham

Don’t know if it is a reaction to the woman march, you can see at least one pantsuit all most at every designer’s collection.


The Come Back of Platform


Marc Jacobs

Platform is hard to handle.  It is too cumbersome to be elegant. It is too dramatic to look like “effortless.” It is too boxy to be feminine. It clearly against the trending minimalism.

But, like it or not, platform shoes is so popular on this season’s runway. It shows on Coach 1941, Marc Jacobs, Thom Brown, and more. In fact, some of them are looking damn good that you probably have to have them immediately. The most loved one is undoubtedly the Coach slippers. coach1941-platform-shoes-sandle

Coach 1941


The edgiest: bare and Fishnets


Gypsy Sport


Designers don’t have the final call on what is going to be trendy. After the shows,what important is how merchandisers, influencers and the real people react.

  • Peyton Simon, sell lady working at coach store, Macy’s, Bridgewater

How long have you been working in fashion industry?

I have been working here two years.

What kind of people usually shop here?

All kind of people. But mostly women come here to shop is a bit older.  Might b enot really about about what’s popular, trending.

What do they usually look for? the classic pieces or the new collection?

The young girls more like to get the new bags, the more fancy look, while the ladies love something more classy.

One thing in common is they both like the ones on sale.

Did you watch the latest  runway show? Is there any show interest you particularly?

Not really. I actually don’t know where to find them.

As you observed, what influence what people actually going to buy? 

I would say, the expectation and the shopping experience in general.

  • Xiaoqing Dui, a college student

Do you follow fashion?

I don’t know how you  define that. I don’t particularly watch every fashion shows. But I follow some girls that I think have a style on Instagram. I would also read some articles that teaching you how to dress, so as to keep up to date.

Where do you get your inspiration? How do you find the right blogger to follow?

I usually trust my friend on that. I am still a student, so some of the bloggers’ style is too dramatic and expensive for me. And some people you just know about them even you didn’t know where you hear of them, like Chiara  Ferragni. I do follow them, but I don’t follow them to buy clothes. I mean, I love the fancy clothes, that’s why I follow them to indulge myself with the beautiful picture. I can’t afford many of them. I perfect to buy clothes from the brands that I know.

What you care the most when you are shopping? 

When I am making big purchase, I would go with the classic, safe design. Of course I love Coach, Chanel. But when I am shopping for the summer clothes, the thing I care the most is a good style and a reasonable price. So I usually shop on store like Zara and H&M.

Which brand is your favorite on the runway, and why?

Coach. I think they are doing really great recently. I really love the new bags. The shoes look really nice too.

giphy (7)


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